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Friday, 30 December 2016 14:22

Social Credit and the Family

Written by Michael Watson
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The idea of a family is that of a social unit of human beings which has traditionally been composed of: two adults, one male and one female, and then children or offspring that are biologically begotten by the adult male and female living together in union, in the form of a formal, exclusive, and life-long marriage bond. This family structure may also include extended family with grandparents and grandchildren and their own begotten children living together.

The functioning of this family unit normally involves the male adult being the primary provider and protector of the family unit, whilst the female’s role is primarily that of nurture. Whilst there has been some minor exceptions, variations or peculiar differences here and there, this family structure has been a common feature of all successful, sophisticated and prosperous and civilized human societies throughout history and since the beginning of time. And it is in the general strength, independence and stability of this essential family structure that civilizations and communities have and will rise and fall because it is vital and conducive to healthy and productive human existence and the development of culture and civilized life.

This patriarchal family structure has also stood as a bulwark of protection and independence from other arbitrary forces such as the greed of commercial and financial interests, the snares of malicious ideologies and tyrannical and over-arching state powers. The physical stability and safety of the family unit is dependent on the ownership of private property which it needs for its future security and prosperity. Pope Leo XIII explains this connection beautifully in his landmark social encyclical Rerum Novarum in 1891 in which he stated: “That right to property, therefore, which has been proved to belong naturally to individual persons, must in like wise belong to a man in his capacity of head of a family; nay, that right is all the stronger in proportion as the human person receives a wider extension in the family group. It is a most sacred law of nature that a father should provide food and all necessaries for those whom he has begotten; and, similarly, it is natural that he should wish that his children, who carry on, so to speak, and continue his personality, should be by him provided with all that is needful to enable them to keep themselves decently from want and misery amid the uncertainties of this mortal life. Now, in no other way can a father effect this except by the ownership of productive property, which he can transmit to his children by inheritance. A family, no less than a State, is, as We have said, a true society, governed by an authority peculiar to itself, that is to say, by the authority of the father. Provided, therefore, the limits which are prescribed by the very purposes for which it exists be not transgressed, the family has at least equal rights with the State in the choice and pursuit of the things needful to its preservation and its just liberty.”

But in our country today and throughout much of the Western world, we very clearly see that the traditional family structure has been under systematic attack socially, politically, and economically by various malicious forces and agents who have sought to undermine the family in many ways to further their own self-interested causes. For example, Marxist socialism, unfettered vulture capitalism, and radical feminism have all sought to level down, undermine and destroy the traditional family unit by proliferating divorce, promoting sexual promiscuity, fostering contempt for life and child bearing, forcing both spouses to work outside the home, transferring the care of children from the parents to state or commercial childcare centers and depriving families of access to private property, especially the poor and disadvantaged families. These three ideologies, whilst they may differ and even conflict with each other, all serve, at the end of the day, the interests of the global financial and banking oligarchy who, via the control of consumer credit, seeks to dissolve hierarchical and social structures in order to reduce both men and women to detached individual worker drones in service to the servile worker economy, whether it be in the form of state political parties or corporate offices. In particular, feminism seeks to bring about the disenfranchisement and impoverishment of men, especially the poor and disadvantaged and, in conjunction with unfettered capitalism and Marxist ideology via the policy of full employment, has forced all men and women into a state of dog-eat-dog competition with one another. It is with this artificially imposed ruthless competition that individuals have been reduced to mindless savages who must focus on merely surviving and are, in turn, forced to resort to greed and selfishness in order to 'get ahead of the pack'. Such conditions have made relations between men and women toxic and ugly and statistics have consistently shown that the most common cause of divorce and family breakdown is financial stresses due to cost of living pressures instigated by the financial oligarchs and their monopoly of credit.

As part of this agenda, attacks on family property have been no less ferocious with private banks forcing families into debt slavery with heavy interest-bearing loans for the purchase of homes and other required property whilst, at the same time, families are being crushed with heavy taxes intended to pay down government debt for loans from those same private banks. It is of interest to note that one of the very first major historical examples of attacks on family property in the United States of America was the radical changes to estate and property law that were imposed as part of the revolutionary foundation of that country. This is explained by American lawyer Christopher Ferrara in his book Liberty, the God that Failed: “the new states of America struck out the power of family and hereditary privilege by abolishing the legal devices of primogeniture and entail where they existed, either by statute or by writing the abolition into their constitutions. The state abolished the perennial legal protection of the unity of family estates, thus indirectly attacking family unity itself by prohibiting restrictions on inheritance in cases of intestacy to male lineal descendants (entail) and the eldest surviving son in the lineage (primogeniture).... The equal partition of the estate of a landed patriarch upon his death destroys the intimate connection between the spirit of the family and the preservation of the land as heirs divide and sell off the family estate and family members go their separate ways causing families and fortunes to disappear with rapidity.”

This monopoly of credit which the financial oligarchs have imposed has, in turn, imposed a kind of monopoly on the nature of family formation and therefore on the demographic destinies of whole societies. This monopoly ensures that the natural right to establish families and to perpetuate oneself through begetting children is, in practice, only reserved for certain classes of people in a supposed Darwinesque survival of the 'fittest' where only the most vulgar, unscrupulous and selfishly power-driven, or those who possess certain talents considered useful to the servile worker economy, are allowed or are encouraged to perpetuate themselves through the begetting of children. For example, only those fortunate or unscrupulous enough to be members of the managerial class, competitive white and blue collar professionals, venture capitalists, bankers, those in organized crime, drug dealers, welfare fraudsters, etc., who, because of their usefulness to the servile worker economy or their lack of moral integrity and restraint, are permitted or encouraged to propagate new generations of people. And with the ever-increasing automation of jobs and industry, this situation is only going to get worse as long as societies and government continue to maintain the unsustainable and unnecessary policy of full employment of the able bodied population.

Then there is the so called “LGBT” movement which claims to advocate for the rights of homosexuals by campaigning for the legalization of so called same-sex 'marriage' and the adoption of children by same-sex couples in total ignorance or rejection of nature and the natural necessity of the presence of a mother and father in the raising of children. After all, encouraging homosexual couples is also in the best interests of the financial elites since they will produce no dependent children, thus making them invaluable and fully dedicated worker drones for the servile worker economy. The very future of Western civilization depends on the economic and cultural strength of the family unit and, right now, the family and by extension, Western civilization is in dire straits.

A practical solution to this crisis, at least on an economic level, is that of Social Credit. Social Credit, by resting control of the overall policy of the monetary system from the private banks and placing it back in the hands of the public via the establishment of a National Credit Office, would break the monopoly of the private banks regarding the issuance of new money. The NCO's new compensatory consumer credit (meant to balance the flow of incomes with the flow of prices) would be 'debt-free' and it would be issued in the form of a national or citizen’s dividend that is distributed equally to every individual, employed or unemployed, as a kind of credit for the work of the vast and abundant production made available by machinery. All citizens who receive the dividend are effectively shareholders in the total national production. The National Dividend will ensure at least basic economic security for individuals and by extension, their family units, without making employment a strict necessity. A nation free from excessive or improper private bank debt would also mean a government free from bank debt, so many of the taxes levied on the citizens could be abolished or reduced, including income tax as well as estate taxes and laws or death duties that have spoliated the wealth and inheritances of families of all classes including the poor and middle classes. These forms of taxation are nothing less than robbery that is designed to prevent families from achieving independence from the servile worker economy. Government spending would also be reduced as most or all of the welfare state social programmes would be abolished and replaced by the National Dividend.

This new found economic security would strengthen traditional family units by releasing them from financial stress. It will also lead to a fairer and more just distribution of wealth, purchasing power and property by providing all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic status, the opportunity to seek the fulfilment of marriage and family life, to establish their own family units and to acquire the necessary property. The resulting permanent stability will lead to stronger and longer lasting marriages, thus allowing families to prosper, grow and develop their landed estates and to pass their legacy onto their children and their children’s children. The dividend would also support single parents. Likewise, those who suffer marriage breakdowns due to abuse or abandonment by their spouses would have a financial floor to rely upon and not be left destitute. One of the greatest blessings of the National Dividend would be the greater abundance of leisure time provided to individuals and families, thus bringing about their liberation from the servile worker economy. Having abundant leisure time would mean that children can be raised at home by their parents and not in commercial childcare factories (mandated by feminist inspired or at least applauded full employment policies) and thus family members would be able to focus more on cultivating their domestic and family lives. This would naturally lead to greater bonds between spouses, siblings, parents and children because it is from the life of healthy and strong domestic family units in the spirit of leisure that the hallmarks of a civilized society such as moral integrity, high culture and art, originate and from there flourish and proliferate.

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